Sandra BILOE

Sandra Biloé is a contemporary artist with Brazilian and French influences. Now living in, Roquebrune Cap-Martin, France; Sandra is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Sandra’s passion is to make “invisible energies” “visible” by using the strength and passion that colour can convey, along with Sandra’s own energy and expressiveness.  

It is said that Sandra as an artist is able to express her passion with great intensity.

Her works are her way of expressing the emotions that she has with Brazil, and in the contact that she has with the people she meets.

“I express the energy and passion I have for Brazil in the intensity of my choice of colours, and with my natural flair for the speed in which I work. Brazil is a constantly changing and dynamic country, vibrant and colourful, happy and sad. 

In my 20 years of painting I have gained knowledge and self-control in the speed at which I work, and a greater understanding in my choice and the alliance of colours.”

Her paintings are an externalization of colour, the bright colours, and the large canvases.

Her experiences in many different forms of art have enabled her to develop her creations into unique glass “canvas” formations, all with great success.

Sandra has been invited on television regularly in France, on France 2, France direct 8 and France O where she created a wallpaper inspired by the energy of the place. 

Her paintings have been referred to as lyrical abstraction and are often compared to the works of Georges Mathieu